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Love Will Find a Way - F.A.Q

Can I send more than one fanwork?
Yes you can, just make sure you send it with separate emails.

Can I send a chaptered-fic?
No, you can’t. We’re accepting oneshot only.

How many words maximum for fanfic?
Sky is the limit. You can write as long as you want, but again, stick to oneshot.

How large the fanart should be?
Normal size, we know you won’t send us a 4000x2000 px graphic nor 100x100 px icon. You decide, we will email you back if you pass our limit.

Can my website / forum join the project?
Yes, just send us an e-mail about that. As long as your webpage is YunJae-based, we will surely approve you.

I have more questions!
Feel free to post here, send us an email, or post your question in the forum.
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