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Love Will Find a Way - About

About the Project
'Love Will Find a Way' is an international multilingual oneshot project, for YunJae fans around the world. Our goal is to collect as many fanworks, as in fanart and fanfic, as possible, in all languages, and then recopile them in a book we're sending to YunJae! Yes, straight to Korea!

With this we want to show Yunho and Jaejoong that the love for them has reached people all over the world.

The theme of all the fanarts is how Jaejoong and Yunho fell in love or realized that his love was more than just friendship or overcome whatever it was that kept them apart. Easy, right? Any YunJae fan would have fantasized about this, so all you have to do is write it down or draw it on!

The deadline is September 26th 2009.

We want you to join this project! Don't miss your chance to show YunJae your love for them! ♥

If you have any question, you may post it here.

You can surf around the community for updates and else or just visit our website to read about it more.

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